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    Appalachians exhibit near and far

    Posting early this month to include several exhibits I recommend seeing in person. First is ‘Black History Month’ at Concord University’s Arthur Butcher Art Gallery, Athens up through September 15. The full catalog is available on RobbyMooreArt.com . I visited and went through the exhibit with Robby. We discussed how having time to explore materials and ideas has lead to expanding the variety of work. Expect to see this theme travel to other venues as he continues to develop powerful stories. Brian M Reed opened ‘Between Portals & Plains’ at Helwaser Gallery on Madison Avenue, NYC. There is an opening reception September 14 evening. Exhibit includes work created during extended…

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    Caring for Nature

    Looking back over my work I realize growth, geology and sounds of nature have inspired and influenced it. To study life outside of our dwellings brings an awareness of delicacy and interdependency. It seems my media of choice; fiber/textiles and non-mechanical tools (a hook and needle); honors the experiences my senses absorb. I participated as a Girl Scout in the very first Earth Day celebrations. In 2020 I honored the 50th anniversary quietly while hooking alone in my studio on 2020 Journal (detail is above). See ‘Trees are My Muse on my YouTube channel where I explore the subject as design element. There are several organizations which I follow and…

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    Nature, Art and Friends

    Off season is a great time to explore a region. March in the New River Gorge National Park invites outdoor enthusiasts to hike the trails through tunnels of rhododendron or along the top of the gorge for views of the rushing New River below. You could ride above in a bi-plane; through the gorge along the river on an Amtrack train; by car across in seconds on a bridge considered an architectural wonder or slowly along the roads with the locals. All of these scenes draw (pun intended) artists to interpret the natural beauty and man made impact. For the past eight years Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals in Fayetteville,…