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    Caring for Nature

    Looking back over my work I realize growth, geology and sounds of nature have inspired and influenced it. To study life outside of our dwellings brings an awareness of delicacy and interdependency. It seems my media of choice; fiber/textiles and non-mechanical tools (a hook and needle); honors the experiences my senses absorb. I participated as a Girl Scout in the very first Earth Day celebrations. In 2020 I honored the 50th anniversary quietly while hooking alone in my studio on 2020 Journal (detail is above). See ‘Trees are My Muse on my YouTube channel where I explore the subject as design element. There are several organizations which I follow and…

  • artwork,  profile,  telling my story

    Making art – Why?

    I am beginning a new website and thought to muse on creating art.Please visit over the next months to learn my story. I waver between how the methodical, rhythmic action stitching and loop making settles me to an anxiousness felt designing a visual message recording life around me.  Viewing installations, collections and themed exhibits focusing on the latter can energize or inhibit my own design habits. Perhaps the “imposter syndrome” comes into play subconsciously.  Can I call myself an artist like them? Of course just do it. When a social issue piece is complete I will clear my mind and explore a different medium. Perhaps sketching small random scenes…

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    Susan Feller is an artist using traditional handcrafts to archive current events. The slow process of pulling fabric with a hook into loops, threading a needle and stitching, even drawing a design with a marker onto a loose weave canvas allow me time to think about the subject and you the audience. How can I communicate the message with motifs, colors, and techniques? Will we begin a conversation together using the subject or perhaps the technique I chose to convey my message? Our relationship with nature for personal pleasure, corporate success, and especially connecting with generations as our home are all important. Join me on this journey. Susan Feller