McDonald Sisters

feature article Jan/Feb 2017

Have you ever visited a museum and found an example of the same traditional technique your artwork incorporates? I did in 2011 and “met” Otha and Blanche McDonald from Letter Gap, in Gilmer County, West Virginia. The ladies passed in 1975 and 1976 so this relationship has been through research culminating with an article in the international publication RHM Article Jan:Feb 2017

Learn about their life, work, and the stories of promoting West Virginia traditional craft/arts through the article and the material as it is added on this tab, hover to see them all.

To begin, read the post describing my interpretation of the footstools Blanche created at Inspiration 50 years later.

Blanche McDonald c 1965

Collection of work by Blanche and Otha McDonald

McDonalds of Letter Gap, Gilmer County, WV