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Making art – Why?

I am beginning a new website and thought to muse on creating art.
Please visit over the next months to learn my story.

I waver between how the methodical, rhythmic action stitching and loop making settles me to an anxiousness felt designing a visual message recording life around me.  Viewing installations, collections and themed exhibits focusing on the latter can energize or inhibit my own design habits. Perhaps the “imposter syndrome” comes into play subconsciously.  Can I call myself an artist like them? Of course just do it.

Mountains of Energy, mixed media

When a social issue piece is complete I will clear my mind and explore a different medium. Perhaps sketching small random scenes and shapes, mindlessly combining techniques, materials and designs. Eventually a story sneaks into the process and art evolves again.

Feb 23 sketch

How do you end and start again? What are your inspirations? Are you beginning or settled along an art journey?


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